Aftercare Extended Service Contract Eligibility

Please make sure that the Vehicles on which you issue Aftercare Mechanical Repair Agreements are eligible for coverage.  An Aftercare Mechanical Repair Agreement issued on an ineligible vehicle leaves the Dealer solely responsible for any claims.

If you have any questions regarding the eligibility of a Vehicle, please call Aftercare at (800) 832-3237.  We will gladly discuss the Vehicle in question.

Aftercare uses the information provided by your Dealership to determine the eligibility of a Vehicle.  Agreements on Vehicles determined to be ineligible at the time of reporting will be returned to the dealer with a full refund (provided no expenses have been incurred.)  Aftercare reserves the right to return an ineligible Agreement, at any time during the Agreement term, should Aftercare find that the information originally reported was inaccurate, incorrect or misleading.


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