Private label

Private Label Programs

How would you like a Service Contract, Tire & Wheel or Theft program with your name on it? Branding is one way a dealership can stand out from the competition. In some cases it makes sense to take this branding into the F&I area. MMCS can develop a private label program for your dealership with your name on it. When developing a Private Label program there are many things to consider. Our forty plus years of experience in the powersports industry enables us to offer insight in many areas. We can help determine what type of coverage will work best for you and your customers. You may want to have special coverage terms for some products; the choices are yours to make. With a Private Label program developed and administered by MMCS, you and your customers will still enjoy national coverage, toll-free assistance, fully insured coverage and the peace of mind that comes with the Aftercare products. This will work in conjunction with either of the dealer participation programs.


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