Aftercare Mechanical Repair Agreements provide coverage for most New Powersports Vehicles.  A “New Vehicle” is: a Motorcycle, ATV, UTV, Scooter, Personal Watercraft, Snowmobile, Lawn and Garden Equipment or Power Equipment product that is under Manufacturer’s or Distributor’s warranty on the sale date of the Mechanical Repair Agreement.

A Vehicle must come with at lease a full 6 month part and labor warranty, from the manufacturer, in order to be eligible for coverage.

Some examples of New Vehicles that are NOT ELIGIBLE for coverage include, but are not limited to:

  • Vehicles designed or modified for competition.
  • Vehicles that don’t come with at least a 6 month parts and labor warranty from the original manufacturer or Vehicles that do not come with a manufacturer’s or distributor’s warranty because they were acquired under special circumstances by the dealership.
  • Vehicles whose Manufacturer is no longer providing support for their manufactured products.  Some examples are: Indian Motorcycles (pre-Polaris manufactured), Excelsior-Henderson Motorcycles, Polaris Personal Watercraft, Honda watercraft, Buell, TNG Scooters, Big Dog Motorcycles and all Cannondale products. This stipulation applies to any product that fits this description at the time of Vehicle Sale.
  • Lawn & Garden Products registered for commercial use on which the manufacturer has shortened the warranty term.

NOTICE: Aftercare Mechanical Repair Agreements DO NOT provide coverage for the following types of New Vehicles:

  1. Vehicles used in competition or racing.
  2. Vehicles used outside of the United States or Canada.
  3. Vehicles modified with equipment not recommended by the manufacturer or which void the manufacturer’s warranty.
  4. Vehicles not manufactured for distribution in the United States.
  5. Vehicles used for Police or emergency services.
  6. Vehicles leased for less than one year.
  7. Vehicles used in commerce or for profit (unless reported as Commercial use when the Agreement is sold). Some examples are Vehicles:

registered or titled to a business.

used for livery or hire (rental).

used for service or delivery.

used for any purpose deemed commercial by the Administrator.

Vehicles with a retail cost over $35,000.00

Used vehicle eligibility

Eligibility introduction